Prayer for a Successful Examination

Prayer for a Successful Examination

Oh Great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who while on earth was given the grace of being asked in your examination only the questions you know. Please obtain for me the like favor on these examinations which I am now preparing for. In return, I promise to invoke you and make you known through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

(Nine days straight and say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary’s and 3 Glory Be’s afterwards.)


Prayer before Exam…

Dear God,

Today I will take my examination which is so important to me though I am nervous. I’m not afraid because I know that as I write my answers it is your hands that work

And now, as I take this examination please enlighten my mind to able to answer correctly and to recall everything that I have studied. I will do my best in this exam and to you God I will entrust my fate I know that whatever will be the result, it is according to your will.

You have watched me as I worked hard to study for this exam although don’t feel very confident and that I don’t know if I am prepared I truly believe that you would give me what o deserve I deserve to pass this exam, God.

I am happy that today you are with me for with you I will win this battle and as I close my eyes and feel presence in this examination room you out confidence to my heart. Amen.



Dear St. Joseph of Cupertino, who by your prayer retain from God the Grace to be asked in your examination only by the question you know. Grant me the favor which I am about to take. I am restrains; I promise to make you know and loved.

Please St. Joseph of Cupertino teach me the right answer in the examination without fear and doubt. Give me a retainable mind to recall the things I have learned and reviewed previously to feel secure. Enlighten me and bless my pen, My St. Joseph of Cupertino that I will choose and write the right answer. Please stay on my side. Guide me for I trust in your divine power and knowledge.

Bless also the examiners and correctors that they will be considerate in my papers so as to aid my passing in the examination given. Thank you very much O St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for me. Give me more strength, help me to recall whatever necessary for the board questions, and please help me to avoid mental blocks.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, please help me too, that I may succeed in the examination for greater Glory of God, Amen.



O come Holy Spirit, fill my heart with your gifts, let my weakness be penetrated with your strength everyday, that I may state conscientiously, that I may do what is right and just. Let my charity be such, to offend no one and hurt no one’s feelings, so generous as to pardon sincerely any wrong done to me, assist me O Holy Spirit, in all the trials of life, enlighten me in my ignorance, advise me in my doubts, strengthen in my weakness, protect me in temptations and console me in afflictions.

Graciously, hear me O Holy Spirit, and pour your light into my heart, my soul, and my mind. Assist me to live a holy life and to grow in goodness. Holy Spirit, through you make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and who are in all instances of my life be with me.

I, in this short dialogue, I want to thank you for everything and confirm for once, that I never want to be separated from you, no matter how great the material desires may be, I want to be with you and my love in your perpetual Glory. AMEN



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53 Responses to Prayer for a Successful Examination

  1. Chichi says:

    Thank you st Joseph of cupertino, for interceeding for me on behalf of my husband. He passed his exam. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

  2. Chichi says:

    Thank you God for all your wonderful works, my husband passed his Board exam. I honour you O Lord

  3. hasmin says:

    Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino for helping me passed my RN Nclex exam. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

  4. marvin gilbuena says:

    ST.JOSEPH of CUPERTINO,pleasegrant my petition to pass the MARCH 10 2013 LET.I need it to pass & it is meaningful to me

  5. Marichou Servinias says:

    Oh Great St. Joseph of Cupertino, I come to you with humility,please help me to pass my LET on MARCH 10,2O13… Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen

  6. inkaychee says:

    Dear st Joseph of cupertino pls intercede on our behalf that we may pass these forthcoming examination.

  7. Fine way of describing, and nice post to
    get facts about my presentation topic, which i am going to present in college.

  8. linda says:

    Thank you St Joseph of cupertino your prayers helped my son pass his finals, I will forever be grestful to you .

  9. Joe says:

    I started this novena 9 days ago as I finished up several months of preparing for the PMP certification exam…I took the exam today and passed!! There is no doubt that the assistance from St Joseph of Cupertino (and the grace of God) is what pulled me through.

  10. Joseph Lhee D. Calinao says:

    Tnx god and St Joseph of Cupertino, god bless us all

  11. candace sparks says:

    I have been doing this novena for my son in the Marine Corp, Today was the ninth day and he has been studying for a really tough exam for the last 2 weeks. I have to say a huge Thank you to St. Joseph of Cupertino. Praise God he passed.

  12. Alicia Allan says:

    Please St. Joseph of Cupertino help me pass my BCBA exam on September 17. This will be my second attempt. I beg for your intervention on my behalf. I have studied for several months and sacrificed time with my children and family. I have given everything I have for this. I beseech you to help me. Amen

  13. Oh ST. Joseph of Cupertino please help me to pass my Nursing board exam on December 7 & 8, 2013. That this will be my first and Last attempt, Please give me wisdom and knowledge to understand the question and to pick-up the right answer. I will promise that i will help and serve the people who will believe and needs my help. thank you and i as this through Christ our Lord. Amen. St. Joseph pray for me. Amen

  14. Roldan Santiago Ferrer says:

    O St. Joseph of Cupertino please help me to pass my LET EXAM on September 29, 2013, please give me wisdom and knowledge to understand the question and to pick the right answer. Sacred Head of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom, enlighten me. AMEN.

  15. Ken S. says:

    Thank you Saint Joseph of Cupertino who helped me pass and interceded on my behave with the Lord God. I passed a difficult bar exam in a difficult jurisdiction. Thank you for your intercession.

  16. Doublee says:

    Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino. Passed my exam.

  17. ccd says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino. Please pray for me to the Lord Our God, to grant my wish, to pass our Board Exam this coming February 2 and 3. Please Help me, Help us all to pass. This mean everything to me, to us. Spare my heart from being anxious. calm my mind and help me trust my knowledge on the day of my boards. Guide me, my Lord.

  18. Miatta says:

    Oh St. Joseph of Cupertino help me tomorrow in my NCLEX-PN exam. Please intercede on my behalf that I pass this exam. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

  19. Miatta says:

    Thank You St Joseph of Cupertino. I passed my NCLEX exam!!

  20. Simon says:

    Thank you Jesus, for given me this weapon for success. My Siblings are all doing well in their school. Once again thank you.

  21. says:

    Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino, even the result of my exam is not post as of today but what ever the result of it, I thank you for your guidance during the exam, I hope you will provide what i am asking. St. Joseph of Cupertino pray for us, Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you. Thank you very much!

  22. georgina says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino, please pray for me and please help me pass my NCLEX- RN exam tomorrow. Please guide me and give me wisdom and and knowledge to understand all the questions and guide my hand to pick the right answer.Sacred heart of Jesus I trust in you, Holy Mary mother of Jesus pray for me. Amen

  23. gellie anne says:

    Thank you very much St. Joseph of Cupertino for helping me and most especially for guiding me all throughout the examination days…it seems really impossible for me to pass my major exam but with your help, i did..thank you very much

  24. lhet duenas says:

    St.Joseph of Cupertino please help me pass the L . E . T. exam on July 27, 2014…..Please enlighten my mind on that day so that I will recall all the lessons in my review…help me please…………

  25. shenice says:

    St.joseph i have a exam on next week thursday 8th may,2014 please help me and pray for me

  26. Jaidee says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino please grant my wish to pass the Civil Service Examination last April 06,2014.Please help me oh Lord St. Joseph of Cupertino,pray for me.Glory be the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  27. juge says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino please intercede for me to pass my LET exam on july 27, me to answer correctly the questions and recall what i have learned in my review. May the Holy Spirit enlighten me through out the examination days…help me to be calm and ready in my exam. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus..have mercy on us…Immaculate Heart of Mary..pray for us -Juge

  28. Kristie Martin says:

    Most Blessed Saint Joseph of Cupertino ,
    Thanks for your blessings and guidance you gave my son these last few days preparing for a History exam . Please guide his hands to make wise choices on the exam this morning and to use the knowledge he learned on the test so he may pass this exam and pass the course as well . We will be forever grateful for your divine mercy . Thanks be to you!

  29. ellen says:

    Dear St. Joseph of Cupertino, please help me to pass my NPTE exam on Oct 29. This is my 3rd attempt. Please give me the wisdom and strength to understand to pick the right answers. Glory be to the father, the son and the holy spirit. AMEN

  30. Rolando Placheta Jr says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino. Please help me to my Nursing Licensure Exam on May 25 and 26, 2014. Guide and show me the best answe. Help me to understand and lessen my anxiety as I answer the 500 items questions. I belive in my self that I will passed my exam. Glory be to the Lord. Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino and Lord God. Amen.

  31. Hillary says:

    Thanks to the Almighty and to St. Joseph of Cupertino for helping my sons in their exams and showering abundant blessing upon them.

  32. Raul Angel says:

    Dear St Joseph of Cupertino please guide me and protect me from anxiety when I take my NCLEX exam on the 23rd of June 2014 in Austin Texas. I will begin my novena today June 4, 2014 and continue until right before I take my exam. I pray to you St Joseph of Cupertino allow me to pass the exam so that I may be an inspiration to my two sons so they may continue their education.

  33. Juge says:

    some of my prof ed subjects which i have taken last 2 sems was not credited by prc. Hopefully, my LET will be on january please help me pray so i could enroll 12 units prof ed subjects this sem. St. Joseph of Cupertino please help me fight my worries..May I pass this LET exam so I could be a Legal or Licensured teacher.. I want to impart my knowledge and of great service to our government.

    • Chester Salacup says:

      help us God and St.Joseph of Cupertino to pass our Canadian Citizen Examination on this coming July 18,2014..this is a family exam.hope we all pass the examination..pls.pray for us..thankyou.

      • Chester Salacup says:

        thanks St. Joseph of Cupertino especially to our beloved God for granting our wish and prayers…and its another answered prayer again for me and my whole family bec. we passed the Canadian Citizenship Exam on this day (July 18, 2014)..we made it and we are already certified Canadian Citizen now although we didnt take the oath yet for advance…haha..Again, a million of thanks to you my beloved God and St Joseph of Cupertino.i owe this another victory of my life with you…i love you guys…muuaaahhh…
        (feeling happy) c”,)

  34. paul florepyn quisado says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino please help me pass the LET exam this coming aug.17,2014. give me confidence, guidance and help me pick the right answers. help me to understand and analyze the questions. please enlighten my mind so that i can concentrate on the examination day. please St. Joseph of Cupertino guide me and help me during my examination day.. thank you.

  35. Fabienne says:

    I need prayer to pass my upcoming board exams August 12, 2014

  36. Abby Chang says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino please guide me and my other batchmates from Philippine Normal University Manila to pass the LET this coming August 17, 2014. Thank you very much! I wanted to become a licensed teacher to teach the students more effectively and legitly.

  37. Roselyn says:

    Dear st joseph capuertino and st jude pls guide help me to pass the let exam tommorrow.. Enlighten my mind .. aMen

  38. Juliet says:

    Saint Joseph help me pass my board exam this September 6-7, 2014. Guide me during my exam. Take away my worries. I know I can do this. Thank you. :)

  39. St. Joseph of Cupertino please guide me and sent your Holy Spirit I’m taking civil service this Sunday October. 26,2014 grant my request to pass this exam this is my last chance to pass the exam thank you and glory in the name of the father and son and the Holy Spirit amen

  40. Divine says:

    Dear St. Joseph of Cupertino,
    Please help me to pass my Nursing board exam on Nov. 29@30, 2014. pls guide and bless me. pls grant my prayer o st. joseph of cupertino.

  41. divine says:

    Dear St. Joseph Cupertino,
    Please help me to pass my Nursing board exam this coming Nov. 29@30, 2014. please guide and bless me during the exam. o St joseph Cupertino hear my prayer.

  42. Irene Chan says:

    Praise God and St. Joseph for my son’s successful defence of his thesis. It’s another prayer that has been answered by this prayer. Thank you God!

  43. jane frances says:

    dear st joseph of cupertino, may u be alway with me during my exams, send away the evil spirit so that i may do my exams and pass them very well.may u help me pass pliz.

  44. Scribbles says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for helping me pass the board exam despite being unprepared. I am truly grateful. I will honor and love you always. Thank you Father God for this blessing and for your guidance. Amen.

  45. Celine says:

    Dear St. Joseph of Cupertino, Please pray for my 2 sons and 2 daughters to pass their promotional exams which is coming in a couple of days, that the Holy Spirit of God will help the to recall all they have read through the year and be confident in front of the question papers with good understanding of the exam questions. May they never make mistakes when answering Amen.

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